What is the best Thai Long Tail Mud Motor Kit of 2018?

Published: 2017/12/09

So you may be interested in a Thai long tail mud motor kit, or you just found out about mud motors and just so happen to stumbled on this article/guide… If the second option is the case, your mind may be spinning right now and I’ll give you some time to recoop….. ALRIGHT you’ve had enough time, lets get into this!

The 2018 Battle of the Long Tail Mud Motor Kits

This is going to be a video series with some written articles. JTgatoring is going to be testing the top three Thai long tail mud motor kits available on the market. This is how the series is going to be broken down.

The Series:

  • Phase 1 – Unboxing
  • Phase 2 – Assembly
  • Phase 3 – Water Test
  • Phase 4 – Final Conclusion

Each phase listed above will have a total of 4 videos, and will keep the order below. There will be one video for each brand of kit and then a comparison video at the end.

  • 1 x Beaver Dam (CLP)
  • 1 x Swamp Runner (SPS)
  • 1 x Mud Skipper (CKS)
  • 1 x Comparison of all three kits

So there will be a total of 16 videos for the 2018 Battle of the TLT Mud Motor Kits. Follow our social media accounts for more pictures and videos! Use the hashtag #tltmudmotors to find all the content created and to voice your opinion or question!


All the kits are the same size, rated for 8-16 hp engines, and will be assembled on and tested by the same 420cc Predator Engine by Harbor Freight. The boat that these engines will be powering is a 2016 1436 LT Alumacraft. If you need help choosing a jon boat I have an article on my website here.

The Different Thai Long Tail Mud Motor Kits

As of right now, there are three main dealers. Each dealer has their own set of initials.

  • Beaver Dam Mud Runners – CLP
  • Swamp Runner Mud Motors – SPS
  • Mud Skipper – new initials CKS, old initials KKK

SPS was the original dealer and supplier. Second was KKK, now called CKS, and third was CLP.

2018 Battle of the Thai Long Tail Mud Motor Kits
Phase Break Down:

Phase 1 – Unboxing : We are going to see how these packages are delivered to us.

  • Shipping Price
  • First Impressions
  • Quality Inspection
  • Number of Part & Pieces

Phase 2 – Assembly : We are going to see how easy or how hard it is to put together each kit.

  • How are the instructions that came with the kit
  • Do you need extra parts to finish the kit
  • Are the instructions complete and understandable

Phase 3 – Water Test : Testing out the kits on the water!

  • Top Speeds
  • Ease of use
  • Maintenance of Motor

Phase 4 – Conclusion : Compiling all the information and putting it out there.

  • Was the kit worth the price
  • Which kit performed best in each phase
  • Which kit is the best kit
Beaver Dam Mud Runners – CLP
Swamp Runner Mud Motors – SPS
Mud Skipper – CKS


If you take an interest in these Thai long tail mud motors, or plan on buying one of these long tail mud motor kits, stick around and follow JTgatoring. The majority of the content will be on our YouTube Channel and here on our website. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram where you may see some teasers before the release of the content. If you like this article and think your friends would benefit from it,  share it with someone who would enjoy it by clicking the social media icon down below!