Assembling Thai Long-tail Mud Motor Kits

We have assembled all the Thai long tail mud motor kits! We started off by assembling the Beaver Dam Mud Runner kit, then the Swamp Runner Mud Motor kit, and to finish it off, we assembled the Mud Skipper kit. Here is how it went, and what I think would benefit you to know!

Before Assembly

Assembling Thai Long-tail Mud Motor Kits

Each kit comes with its own instructions. Some instructions told you what tools you needed to assemble their kit and some did not. So I provided a list below of what I personally used and what you would see in the videos. Beaver Dam and Swamp Runner provided a list of recommended tools that you may use, Mud Skipper did not.


  • Crescent Wrenches (Adjustable Wrenches) x 2
  • Flat Head Screw Driver
  • Philips Head Screw Driver
  • Pliers
  • Side Cutters
  • Blue Thread Lock
  • Electrical Tape (safety kill switch)
  • Zip-Ties
  • Grease
  • Wire Connectors (safety kill switch)


  • Socket Set
  • Wrench Set
  • Shop Rags

Overview of Assembly

The assembly of all these kits were pretty straight forward. Most of the time, Thai long tail mud motors have the same major components, and assembly can be very similar.  These kits all have: a long tail shaft, a coupler and coupler housing, an engine base, transom bracket, and tiller handle with a throttle, and a safety kill switch.

Now, there is more to these kits, and each brand of kit has its own unique parts and concepts, but the only MAJOR differences of assembling are; The set of directions you receive with your kit; how you couple the output shaft on the engine to the spline of the long tail shaft; and then the difference in safety kill switches and their wiring.