Best Universal Rod and Reel Setup for $250

$250. That is pricey, but for those who are looking to investing in a quality fishing rod & reel combo, this is what I call the best universal rod and reel setup!

The Lifetime Warranty Rod

Coming in at $99; I would pair this spinning rod with any reel you gave me whether it was a $50 reel or a $250 reel, making it perfect for the best universal rod and reel setup.

  • Lifetime Warranty – Register it with the company and you’re covered
  • $99 – Expensive, but has lasted me more than 10 years now, with some serious fish and alligators.
  • 7′ 6″ – The perfect length. 8′ seems to hit every doorway and 7′ seems too short for me
  • Medium/Heavy Action – A solid choice for an all-purpose rod
  • 6 oz – Less than 6 oz of weight to it. You can cast it all day.
  • 1 Piece – I like one piece rods more than two piece rods

For $99 this saltwater or freshwater fishing rod is well worth it. If you wanted to bump your price point down to $60 you can get this rod. The specs are pretty similar, but the only difference is that the more expensive, lifetime warranty rod has a rubber butt and the hook keeper is different. Other than that, same manufacturer, almost the same rod, just that bump in price for a lifetime warranty. So it’s up to you if you want the $60 rod or the $99 rod. I use and support both.

Primo Fishing Reel

The more expensive part of this rod and reel setup weighs in at $150. This fishing reel is one of the smoothest reels I’ve owned.

  • $150 Price Tag – Recommended to me by local guides/friends, great reviews online, and a brand name well known.
  • 9 Bearings – Not a ridiculous amount of bearings, but it still the smoothest reel I’ve fished with.
  • 6.2:1 Gear Ratio – With this gear ratio, you’re able to pick up fishing line quick and get another cast out
  • Max Drag of 15 lbs – Not the best drag rating. This $50 reel had 22lbs and it was a 3000.
  • 10.7 oz – The lighter the reel is, the less stress on you, and the more casts you can get in.
  • 30lb/185yds – Line capacity, you can fit 185 yards of 30lb braided line on this spool or 220 yards of 10lb mono
  • 1 Year Warranty – Basic for any low or medium quality reel

On paper, this reel doesn’t stand out to me, but once it was in my hands it really stood out. This reel is super smooth and has the backing of many guides and charters I’ve spoken too, so I’m excited to put it to the test and see if its worth the price tag for the best universal rod and reel setup for 2019.

Best Universal Fishing Rod & Reel Combo

So this $150 spinning reel combined with this $99 spinning rod (or $60 rod to save some money) is a solid deal and will fit any saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing needs you may have.

A great, universal rod and reel combo for fishing that will catch over-slot redfish and snook, along with PB largemouth bass, without breaking the bank.

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Best Universal Rod and Reel Setup for $250

A universal rod and reel setup for $250 is at the higher end monetarily, but is something worth investing in if you are serious about your fishing.
If you need that cost to go down, you can bump down to the $60 rod and go with a 2000 or 3000 reel instead of the 4000.
That way you still have the quality.

This is a pretty versatile setup that can be used in any inshore fishing whether it is saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing. This set up is also super lightweight and would be great for many ages. It is a little more expensive than the $100 rod and reel combo but is backed by a popular brand name for the reel and a lifetime warranty on the rod. Along with being able to swap out rods and different size reel and fish any water, that’s what makes this the best universal rod and reel combo!