One of the Best Bluetooth Hearing Protection Headphones: 3m WorkTunes

Loud noises & the constant hours you put in; it’s time to give you some options with a pair of Bluetooth hearing protection headphones.

Key Features

  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) = 24dB
  • Bluetooth & Speakers & Microphone = Phone calls, music, or quietness
  • Sleek Design
  • Simple to Use
  • Durable + Comfortable
  • Maintenance & Replacement

Noise Reduction

24 dB of noise reduction. A chain saw may run around 100 dB. These 3M Bluetooth Hearing Protection headphones will decrease that sound down to 76 dB.

The best-rated NRR rating for earplugs is 33 dB with the best earmuffs around 31 dB (but these are 37 dB). With both earplugs and ear muffs combined, the noise reduction rating increases to 39 dB.

These Bluetooth earmuffs offer the best usability. They allow you to hear the things that happen around you while also protecting your hearing.

Once you get into the 30+ dB range, it becomes harder to hear normal conversation. This kind of hearing protection is best for very loud, constant noises like machinery, airplanes, firearms, and other loud high pitch noises.

Bluetooth + Speaker Quality

The 3M WorkTunes have the standard Bluetooth features.

They connect easily to my phone (Apple or Andriod) and both devices remember them.

One button. Press and hold to power on and off or to pause a song. Double-click or triple-click to navigate songs. No volume control on the headphones.

Speakers are a perfect size. They can be turned down low while also being able to crank up the volume. *side-note: After playing them at a higher volume for a while, I start to notice that my ears get warm. This is during the summertime in Florida, so it may be beneficial in the wintertime?

Even though you wouldn’t think you would need a microphone, you have one if you need it. I have been able to shut down the mower or even take the phone call while mowing and still have a short conversation.



The design was kept simple.

One charging port and an On/Off button on the same side (left or right depending on how you wear them)

Indicator light to show you if it’s trying to pair, battery life, or indicate if you forgot to turn them off.

An adjustable head strap that has held up great. I do wear them maxed out so if you have a very large head…you may want pass on these. If you have a large head, you’ll be fine.

If you wear glasses or sunglasses, they are comfortable for the first hour or two and then you start to notice the discomfort if you’re not busy enough.

The majority of the material is a plastic or rubber so it is easy to clean and disinfect after a sweaty day.

Water-resistant as in sweating and light misty rain. Main take away = Treat them like they are not waterproof because they are not.

Battery life is solid and will last you all day. Simple charging with mini USB.


More Design – Maintenance and Parts

With the simple design of these Bluetooth ear muffs, the maintenance is simple and the replacement parts available.

The main part that gets used the most and may need replacement is the earpads even though mine is still good after a year of use.

Other than that, they are easy to clean and there isn’t much to break on them. The wires stay close to the muffs and don’t snag on anything, while the overall design had quality in mind.



These 3M Bluetooth Hearing Protection Headphones are a solid workhorse that is great for everyday use.

Use them to do anything you want while giving you the option to through in some tunes when you need too.

Simple design, easy to use, comfortable, Bluetooth capable, hearing protection.

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