Canon Rebel SL2 Review One Year Review 2018 DSLR Camera

The Canon Rebel SL2 has been magnificent! After using it for over a year, it has taught me A LOT about how DSLR’s work and has helped me understand the basics of photography and videography.

Do you really need to read or watch another Canon Rebel SL2 review…. The camera is worth it. 2 quality lenses + 2 other lenses, the camera body, memory card and more… $700 on Amazon… Yeah, its worth it. Stop procrastinating.

BUT, if you don’t believe me, here is an article about my experience with the Canon Rebel SL2 which was my first DSLR camera. The positives, the negatives, and then some tips and tricks to help you learn the camera a little quicker.

Purchasing the Canon SL2

I needed a dedicated camera to make some full HD (high-definition) video for YouTube and digital marketing use. That was it. Simple enough right? Yeah, you know that’s a lie. With all the different cameras out there and technologies, you get lost and you lose your footing real quick.

Things that sold me on this Canon Rebel SL2:

  • Price – compared to cameras in its class, it was the best quality for the money
  • 1080 60fps Full HD – Not 4k but most people don’t need or even use 4K anyways…
  • 24.2 megapixels – Quality sensor = Quality pictures/videos
  • FAST Auto Focus – Top notch Canon Dual Pixel Auto Focus
  • Flippy Touch Screen – Screen flips around and up/down so any angle you have the camera, you can see the screen
  • Interface for beginners – Easy to capture a picture and take video. Simple.
  • Front Facing Microphones – When you vlog/selfie the microphones are pointed at you so, in short, = better audio.
  • Size & Lightweight – Lightweight so you don’t have to use heavy duty mounts for it like other DSLR’s
  • Lens Availability – Uses all of the canon lenses
  • Microphone Jack – So you can use an external microphone if you wish

I ended up buying the Canon Rebel SL2 on Amazon as a kit for $700. It was the best price with the lenses you got, along with the camera body and other things in the kit. I also purchased the 3-year warranty with it that covered everything if something were to happen.

The Negatives

After using this Canon Rebel SL2 for over a year now, I haven’t really found anything negative about the camera itself. I am not crazy tech savvy or a professional with photography or videography. This camera does what I need it to do, and it makes it simple & easy doing it. 

Nothing has worn down, everything is still snappy, lenses are holding up perfect, battery life is great, the touchscreen is still working the same as I bought it, and the microphone jack is still solid without issues.

Canon Rebel SL2 Tips and Tricks

  1. Learn your Camera: Play with ALL the settings, and carry the manual around with it so you can figure out what certain icons mean.
  2. Auto-focus: Leave it turned on. I use “Smooth Zone”. The camera will focus on whatever is inside that box. Face-Tracking is for faces and I never really do that type of video, so I don’t use it.
  3. Auto vs Manual mode: Start off in auto mode where the camera changes the ISO and Shutter Speed by itself. Then once you get picky, move it to manual and change as needed.
  4. Cloudy Days: Leave your camera on auto. If you have it on manual, you’ll have it adjusted for what looks good in the sun, or for the clouds. Then once the clouds move, your camera shot is either gonna be blown out and white, or super dark. So leave it on Auto to decrease the headache when video recording.

Accessories and Extras for Canon SL2 Camera

To Canon Rebel SL2 or Not?

The Canon Rebel SL2 is perfect for any beginner or intermediate videographer. It is also good for beginning photographers but the Canon T7i or Canon 77D may treat you better with the fast continuous shots if you are going to focus mainly on photography.

My plan is to keep this camera as long as it last. Any extra money I get to put towards my camera gear will go towards lenses. This is because lenses seem to hold their value and quality. The camera body will be outdated in two to three years and is not worth investing in unless you are unhappy with it, or the repairs of it will cost more than a new one.

That is my Canon Rebel SL2 review for 2018 after using it for over a year. I hope you enjoyed the article and found it useful! If you want to help support JTgatoring, consider using the links on this page to purchase your camera and/or any camera gear. If you have any questions, comment on my YouTube Video and I will make sure to answer you!