Why the Havalon Piranta Edge : Removable Blade Knife _ Product Review

This is a product review on the Havalon Piranta Edge. The main purpose and concept of this knife is that you are able to easily change the blade on this knife. You may be wondering why you would want to do that? Why the Havalon Piranta over the Outdoor Edge? That is what I will be cover and more!

-These are the reasons why I purchased the Havalon Piranta Knife over the other competitors.

  • The first thing that you observe about anything is the appearance. This knife looked like it is functional. It seems simple, looks like you could easily change the blades out, and that it would be easy to clean. It is also bright orange so if you dropped it out in the sticks you have less of a chance of  losing it (unlike my camo pocket knife. Drop that in the leaves and sticks and its gone)
  • Price is the next thing I looked for. Average price was around $30. That price includes a black nylon like sheath, 12 extra blades, and the knife. Then I looked to see how much it was per blade once those 12 extra blades ran out. If you bought a 12 pack of the 60XT blades (thinner blades) from Amazon for $6.27 it would be $.5225 so 53 cents per blade (I’ll go more into price down below) So the price didn’t seem bad and I was sure I could resharpen them if I wanted too.
  • Blade/Handle Variety. I started doing some research and found there are all types of different blades for this knife! Thick blades (60A), thin blades (60XT), Blunt tip (70A) meant for skinning so you had less chance of puncturing your hide or pelt! Then you could buy different knives and handles to put these blades on! I absolutely love the scalpel handles! I have one thin one and one thick one.
havalon piranta edge knife+sheath+blade removal tool

This is the blade removal tool. You do no need it to remove the blade, but it makes the removal of the blade a lot easier and makes its safe. Purchased separate.


Black nylon like sheath. Holds extra blades.  Comes with knife.


In these packages are the extra blades!


Havalon Piranta Edge with a 60A blade

My Experience

I love the feel and precision of this knife. It is the right overall size and length for my preference. It makes it easy to feel around the bones and to glide underneath the skin when you’re taking the hide or fur off of your trophy. I like to skin the animal with the thinner 60XT blades and then cut through joints and separate your groups of meat with the thicker 60A blades. There is also a number 70XT blade type that I would like to try skinning with. The 70A blade has a rounded tip so it would help prevent accidental punctures through your hide or pelt. That is what I found to work the best for me.

I also use the scalpel handle when I’m deboning and cleaning skulls or when I just do not want to dirty my Havalon knife because the scalpel handle is just too easy to clean. I keep about 5-10 blades in circulation when processing my game because I can easily sharpen them on a stone after I am done using the blades. Sometime I have found that if it is an animal I am not familiar with, I will use a regular knife to start quarting it, just because my other knife has a thicker blade and I can be a brute with it and not have to worry about the blade breaking or coming off the handle. I’ve never had it happen before but I dont want to push my luck. But I’ll move on to the Havalon knife once I start to get familiar with the bone structure and muscle groups.

The Positives

  • Variaty of different blade choices to fit the knife
  • Many different handle choice to fit the blades
  • Easy to clean. Not too many crevases for blood and tissue to get stuck in
  • Price for the amount you get and quality

The Negatives

  • Harder to remove blades without blade removal tool
  • Possibility of blade coming out or breaking if used improperly due to excessive force or twisting

Price Comparison – Amazon Pricing

  • $30.50
  • Comes with 12 blades
  • Comes with sheath
  • Has a pocket clip
  • Folding knife

Replacement Blades

  • $.33-$.52 per blade
  • Different blade types available
  • $24.95
  • Comes with 6 blades
  • Does not come with sheath
  • Has a pocket clip
  • Folding knife

Replacement Blades

  • $1.66 per blade
  • Only one blade type


Over all I wouldn’t think twice about buying another Havalon Piranta Knife. I absolutely love the knife and the scalpel handle, which is so easy to clean. All the different blade types that can go with this knife is crazy! If you want to see all the different types click here. Some of the blades are meant for different knives so make sure you are looking at the right ones. The blade remover tool makes it very easy and safe to change the blades out. I have a video on it here. You can buy the blade removal tool here.  I have never had a problem with the blades snapping or coming out.

So the Havalon Piranta knife or the Outdoor Edge knife?

It’s your choice of course. I do not own a Outdoor Edge. The Outdoor Edge seems to be more of a tradition style knife. You only have one blade type and that is no problem! I personally have gotten use to the Havalon knife with having thin and thick blades and using them for different purposes. One situation that I keep finding in reviews of the Outdoor Edge is that blood and tissue tend to get stuck up in the groove where the blade attaches to and secures to the knife handle which becomes hard to clean and unsanitary.

If you are considering buying a Havalon Piranta Edge or the Outdoor Edge, I recommend purchasing it at Amazon. By purchasing things through any of the links on this website you support JTgatoring.com, keeping the website free of annoying banner ads, and help produce future reviews. Thank you very much for your time!

Havalon Piranta Knife                    Outdoor Edge Knife

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