Long-Tail Mud Motor Kits – Comparing the Parts

Published: 2018/02/10

Comparing Thai long-tail mud motor kits and their parts! Should I go with the cheapest kit from Mud Skipper? What about the most expensive kit from Beaver Dam? I see a lot of YouTube videos of Swamp Runner, what about them? Swamp Runner vs Beaver Dam? Swamp Runner vs Mud Skipper? Beaver Dam vs Mud Skipper? Keep scrolling my friend….

There are many things that come into play when you start researching which long-tail mud motor kit you should get. You’re on the right path if you were able to find this article, and I’m going to try and make it quicker and easier for you to choose. With a few years of knowledge that came with owning a long tail mud motor, and the many hours of hands on experience with these three kits, I will be ranking these kits on the major parts and pieces that make up the kit. There is 7 major categories (major parts of the kits), with a maximum of 5 points earned in each category for a maximum total score of 35 points.

If you didn’t know already, there is still many more articles and YouTube videos to look through before you decide on which long-tail mud motor kit you should get. This is just the beginning. So lets move on!

Long Tail Mud Motor PartsBeaver DamSwamp RunnerMud Skipper
Transom Bracket452
Engine Base451
Coupler Housing454
Long-Tail Shaft343
Tiller Handle353
Throttle Lever353
Total 25 out of 3534 out of 3520 out of 35
  1. Transom Bracket – Look at the differences in size and quality
  2. Engine Base – There is two major styles and one does not work as well as the other…
  3. Coupler Housing – Different looks along with different materials
  4. Long-tail shaft – 85″ or 100″ and what bushings do you want with that?
  5. Propellers – Regular, Weedless, Performance?
  6. Tiller Handle – Straight or Bent? Depends how you ride it
  7. Throttle Lever – Am I reaching full throttle?