Unboxing Top 3 Long-Tail Mud Motor Kits

Unboxing top 3 long-tail mud motor kits. What do you think of that? We have unboxed all three kits and each have their own article:

Now it is time to compare them to each other. This article will be of the unboxings and first impressions. There will be a separate article comparing all the major pieces and parts of the kits with more in depth measurements and specific differences between them.


First Look

  • Beaver Dam had the smallest box
  • Swamp Runner had very nicely packaged shaft and tiller handle
  • Mud Skipper had an over sized box with holes and moving parts

All the kits shipped for the same ballpark price of $60

First Impression 

  • Beaver Dam had tightly packed their box with their parts and reinforced it with yards of tape.
  • Swamp Runner had a foam, formed filling that fit all the parts perfectly. Say that three times fast…
  • Mud Skipper wrapped all their parts in paper and seemed to have just thrown them in a large box and hoped for the best.
Beaver Dam Mud Runner, Swamp Runner, Mud Skipper



CLP Shaft & Handle




SPS Shaft & Handle




CKS Shaft & Handle


  1. Beaver Dam (CLP) Box – Contains all the parts and pieces
  2. Beaver Dam (CLP) Shaft and Tiller Handle
  3. Swamp Runner (SPS) Box – Contains all the parts and pieces
  4. Swamp Runner (SPS) Shaft and Tiller Handle
  5. Mud Skipper (CKS) Box – Contains all the parts and pieces
  6. Mud Skipper (CKS) Shaft and Tiller Handle
Unboxing Conclusion – This is JUST the Beginning
Beaver Dam Mud Runners – CLP

Overall this kit doesn’t look bad. All the parts had their own separate plastic bag, only one loose nut in the box, and on top of each part having its own plastic bag, each part was wrapped in paper. Everything in the box was well packaged and has close to 0% chance of getting damaged. The Z-bar handle was wrapped with the shaft. The packaging on the shaft and handle could be better, with the shaft arriving with the splines sticking out past the protective packaging, but it still arrived undamaged.

All the pieces and parts are heavy, except the coupler housing and support bracket; the transom bracket, the engine mount, the pivot arm, the throttle lever, and the shaft, especially the shaft! The shaft is very heavy compared to the other two shafts. I think this is due to being full of grease, but that will get addressed in another video and article.

Swamp Runner Mud Motors – SPS

The Swamp Runner Medium kit gave me the best first impression. Everything about this kit looked professional. The packaging, the parts, the instructions; they all stood out compared to the other kits. The Z-bar handle has less of a bend in it, compared to the Beaver Dam kit, which I like. The handle was wrapped with the shaft just like the other kits, but the final wrap on the shaft and handle was a very thick black plastic that was 2 to 3 times thicker than any heavy duty garbage bag you could buy. One word to describe my first impression – Professional.

All the parts arrived undamaged. The quality of the parts look good and no loose pieces.