Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – Mpow Armor _ Product Review

This is a product review on the waterproof / water resistant Mpow Armor Bluetooth Speaker. I was first introduced to this product by one of my friends who received one as a gift a couple years ago. I played around with it and ended up loving it so I went ahead and got one myself.

-These are the reasons why I purchased this Mpow speaker.

  • It has a water resistance rating of IPX65 which is splash-proof, shockproof and dust-proof with the advertising claim of “The bluetooth speaker is specially designed for ourdoor and shower.”
  • It also had an emergency power supply of 1000mAH and the battery life is up to 10 hours.
  • Very good sound, and is easy to operate. The bluetooth distance seems to be pretty good. I would say it is about 20-30ft.
  • The price is $24.99 which was a great price at the time and still a great price today.

I’ve had it over a year now probably close to two years and everything works like it did the first day I used it. I love how small it is. All the buttons still work, and the battery seems like it never dies. I usually play it over the weekends and I end up charging it about once a month. The quality of the audio is still very good. I use it on the boat, when I’m out at the pool, working on my truck, or just need some music when I am working out or traveling. I haven’t really tested the water resistance rating on. I’ve left it out in the rain a few times while I was on the boat and it still plays till this day. If it breaks or I lose it I will have no hesitation buying another two. I have also bought 4 or 5 more and used them as birthday gifts and Christmas presents.

This speaker has three buttons.

  • (-) minus or negative button – Press once to decrease the volume. Press and hold to skip back to the beginning of a song or skip back to the last song.
  • (+) plus or positive button – Press once to increase the volume. Press and hold to skip to the next song.
  • Power button – Press once to play/pause song. Press and hold to turn the speaker on and off.

This speaker has two inputs and one output.

  • Input #1 _ Mini USB port – To charge the speaker.
  • Input #2 _ Aux port – To play music from your phone to the speaker via auxiliary cord if you do not want to use the bluetooth.
  • Output _ USB port – To charge another device.

Warranty – I bought all of mine through Amazon because they seem to have the best price and they also have the two-day prime shipping. The warranty I found was a – 45-day refund or replacement _and an 18-month worry free warranty.

Mpow bluetooth speaker input and output sources

Conclusion – My experience with this speaker has been great. It comes in blue or orange. The quality you get with the price is awesome. I have nothing bad to say about this speaker and I have had no problems with it. It plays quality music, the battery life is very good, and the bluetooth works very well. There are some new competitors in this market now with some good reviews and prices. The one main competitor that stands out to me, even though it does not have a water resistant rating, is the Anker SoundCore Speaker.

If you are considering buying a Mpow Bluetooth Speaker, I recommend purchasing it at Amazon. By purchasing things through any of the links on this website you support JTgatoring.com, keeping the website free of annoying banner ads, and help produce future reviews. Thank you very much.

Mpow Armor Bluetooth Speaker

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